Welcome to Big Foot Foto Co

Volkswagen Bus Photo Booth Rustic Road Cover Photo

You'd be forgiven if you're thinking you've never heard of us before.  That's correct; we are the new kids on the block.  I shouldn't say new...rather rebranded, revamped, and reenergized.  :)  I've been a wedding photographer for almost a decade now.  I've been to hundreds of weddings.  I LOVE weddings.  I love photography.  I love film.  There's actually not much I dislike about weddings.  I guess you could say weddings are my thing.  

I'm also a bit of a motor head, but not in the redneck sort of way.  

I had my sights on an old bus for some time now and I thought how cool it'd be to have a photo booth inside of a VW Bus and drive it to weddings.  Turns out, I wasn't alone in thinking this.  My idea was validated the instant I saw how individuals were using old Volkswagens at their receptions and what a unique backdrop it was to see.  

In my experience, weddings have become such a statement of uniqueness and personalization and one the things lacking in the market is a unique photo booth.  Sure, there are good photo booth's out there.  But they mostly aren't pretty.  Functional, yes, but not pretty.  My expectations are that your photo booth should be as fundementally aesthetic as everything else you've chosen.  The plates, silverware, chairs, linens, center pieces...you chose all that for a reason.  It's your style and resonates with you.  I'm in business for the bride and groom who see this Bus and think, "holy cow, I gotta have that at my wedding." 

Boom.  There you have it.  It's a photo booth inside of a Volkswagen Bus and I'm positive you and your guests will absolutely love it.