Why Old is Better.

Volkswagen Bus Profile Picture Photo Booth

There is a bit to blogging that feels a lot like a soap box.   I'm not really sure who's reading this, but I do know it kinda feels like I'm talking to myself.  But that's ok.  

This is going to be a short one but still a valid observation.  During this renovation I am reminded of why I love antiques.  

You see, I have an incredible sense for detail.  (notice, I didn't say OCD)  While this trait seems suitable for restoration of an antique can actually drive you FLIPPIN' CRAZY :)  I'm learning fast that there are two stages to restoration.  1. You go over things first, find what's missing, what's broke, and make general improvements.  2. Once everything is operational, THEN you worry about the fine details.  

Much like an antique piece of furniture, if it has aged gracefully, it is worthy of a second chance.  The discoloration and imperfections often make it unique and give it character.  And the most important part for me, being a details freak, is when your wood floor gets a ding, or when your kids throw a toy at the hall tree, you take a deep breath and remind yourself that dings and dents give it character ;)

Everything about this Bus just fascinates me.  How it can be so old yet come back to life so effortlessly.  I've heard two phrases from my mechanic, repeatedly, over the past few months.  "She's responding well to my treatments" and "there is some good karma with this Bus."  At first I thought he was crazy but I'm warming up to both ideas.